To fortify the labor policy from the promotion of investments, through a competitive economy, that generates more uses of quality in the formal economy and that allows to construct labor relations based on the productivity and a more equitable distribution of the product of the work and to privilege the conciliation of interests between the factors of the production in the contractual revisions, more and more wage and in the attention of the collective conflicts, in order to maintain La Paz labor.


Secretariat of the Work and sustained Social Forecast in three governing axes: promotion, conciliation and legality, within the framework of a modern labor legislation that facilitates the access of more young people, greater women and adults to the market of work of our country with respect towards the fundamental and collective rights of the workers, shaped in 123 article Constitutionalist; that it fortifies the labor sector and makes it more competitive so that the productivity without damage of the individual and collective rights of the workers is awarded and that promotes the labor inclusion of the groups in vulnerability situation.




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Junta Federal De Consiliacion Y Arbitraje



Comision Nacional De Salarios Minimos

Comision Nacional De Salarios Minimos



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