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The Secretariat of Labor and Social Welfare, as a dependency of the Federal Executive Branch, has under its control the performance of faculties attributed by the Organic Law of the Federal Public Administration, the Federal Labor Law, other laws and trades, as well as regulations, decrees, agreements and orders from the President of the Republic.

The Secretariat of Labor and Social Forecast, through its employees, administrative units and dispersed administrative agencies, will make its activities in programmed form, according to the national objectives, strategies, priorities and programs contained in the National Plan of Development, the respective sectorial program and to the policies established by the President, in coordination, if that is the case, with other dependencies and entities of the Federal Public Administration.

In accordance with the National Plan of Development the 2007-2012 and Sectorial Program of Work and Social Forecast 2007-2012, the three governing axes that dictate acting of this Secretariat are: the promotion of investments in a more and more competitive economy that generates uses and that foments labor relations based on the productivity; the conciliation of interests between the factors of the production to obtain labor La Paz, and the legality to make be worth the law, mainly being about social forecast, labor inclusion and fairness of sort.




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