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Legal Framework


The Political Constitution of the exican United States establishes in Article 90, that the Federal Public Administration will be centralized and according to the Statutory law that the Congress sends, that will distribute the businesses of the administrative order of the Federation which they will be in charge of the Secretariats of State and Administrative Departments and will define the general bases of creation of the paraestatales organizations and the intervention of the Federal Executive in its operation.

The laws define the relationships between Publicly-Owned Entities and the Federal Executive Branch, or between these and the Administrative Secretariats of State and Departments.

The legal foundation for the Secretariat of Labor and Social Forecast is in Article 123 of our Constitution:

Everyone has right to the worthy and socially useful work; to the effect, the creation of uses and the social organization for the work will be promoted, according to the Law.






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Comision Nacional De Salarios Minimos

Comision Nacional De Salarios Minimos



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